BTS of a Week at Muse (including some gear geekery)

Aloha from Hawaii!

These last few weeks have been busy here at Muse and I have to admit, I’ve been burning the candle at both ends.

So, I thought we’d change pace and I’d take you behind the scenes on a few of the projects we’re working on.

First off, we welcomed hundreds of filmmakers into our Science of Storytelling course! And Varina hosted the very first webinar, with more than 350 filmmakers and there is another one this afternoon!

Image from iOS.jpg

Hi from ‘Varina’s office’!

So far, you guys have asked some smart questions. We can’t wait to see what all of you create.

And speaking of creating, we’re on  set for a dream project right now.

We’ve been in pre-production for weeks, feel totally aligned with our client, and have found some absolutely amazing characters. We can’t tell you about them yet, but let’s just say that there are ancient spearfishermen, cowboys and not-so-typical hula dancers involved.

Now you know that we are big believers in substance over flare, but we like to geek out on new gear as much as the next filmmaker! And I have to say, we’re working with some pretty amazing camera setups & technology this week.

We’re pushing the technology to ensure our visuals match the brand we’re working with, the story we’re telling, and the opportunity we have. Its been fun.

To show, rather than tell, this is where we were at the end of last week: boxes upon boxes and not a packed bag in sight:


And this is where we are only a few days later:


Why, yes, that is Richard, happy on the beach in Hawaii with a pretty killer camera setup!

For this shot, we’re running a Canon C200 with a Canon 24mm Cinema Prime. It’s hanging on a MōVI Pro and a Ready Rig for long tracking shots. To make his life easier, we’re using an iKan Blitz to wirelessly transmit to our DP who can pull focus using his iKan daylight monitor and a Tilta Nucleus-M Wireless Follow Focus.

That’s a lot of jargon, but basically, Richard can walk around and create amazing moving visuals, while our DP can focus on, well, focus. It’s made for some really breathtaking shots.

What can we say, there are worse things than shooting amazing stories in paradise.

Thanks for coming along on the ride with us.

Talk next week,

PS - If you want to see more of the rig, here's some BTS of Braden on the beach.

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