How we landed one of the most powerful campaigns I've ever been a part of

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A few months ago, I sent a fairly random email to see if I could get some gear for a giveaway for the Muse community.

A whole week went by before I heard back from Victor — Hey! I’m not at that company any more, I’m over at Fujifilm and would love to catch up.

Now, honestly, I’m not much of a ‘catch up’ kind of person, but Fujifilm had been putting out some really cool cameras and I was curious to see if I could try one.

As we’re talking, I learn that Victor’s Dad recently passed away. And, inspired by this, he really wanted to make something that mattered. Something about legacy. Something that makes people feel something. 

I immediately knew we were in. 

I told him, that’s what we do. That’s what we love. Can I please send you a pitch for this?

Even though Victor wasn’t asking for it and barely knew what we did. 
Even though he wasn’t sure that he had a budget for it. 
Even though I knew next to nothing about what I was pitching for.
Even though we were already incredibly busy.

And that series of leaps: sending the email, getting on the phone ‘just to catch up’, asking real questions and then really listening, and asking to pitch for a campaign that wasn’t even real yet… lead us to the most powerful and aligned series of stories Muse has ever made.

These are the kinds of stories that I became a filmmaker to create. The kinds of stories that will change you. They’ve changed us.

This is the kick off of an epic behind the scenes series.

So over the next five weeks, we’ll share exactly what you have been asking for: the behind the scenes stories and learnings from the campaign.

You’ll be getting:

  • Emails every Tuesday introducing that week’s character and sharing our film

  • Emails every Thursday that go deep into the key insights and learnings from each film - including how you can apply them immediately

  • Real time coverage of our New York City Film Premiere!

  • Invitations to a series of events to meet us, across the country, FOR FREE

  • Lots of opportunities to chat with Kristian, our new community liaison, who will be working to get you more access to us

Watch the film to ‘meet’ Kristian, find out which of my heroes we got to join the campaign, and to hear from the team here at Muse! 

I can say hands down that this is one of the most powerful campaigns I’ve ever gotten the chance to be a part of.

My hope is that when you see them, they will shift the way you see your work and the opportunity you have, as a storyteller today. 

And my hope for this behind the scenes series — all the details you’ve been wanting — is that you’ll see the value of fighting to find partners that are aligned with the work that you want to do.

And that you’ll understand that, even when you get to make something powerful and aligned, it doesn’t mean that things are easy.

Its about to get juicy.

PS — Make sure you join Kristian over in our Muse Facebook Group. Our goal is to make this the space for high quality Storytelling feedback and conversation. So come join our conversation!

Patrick Moreau