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Welcome to the Storyfinding Process with Muse

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First off, we want you to know that you’re in good hands. We’ve told meaningful stories for some of the world’s most legendary brands.



Learn All About Storyfinding

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What is Storyfinding? And why do it?

Storyfinding is when the Muse Team speaks to a variety of people related to a film we’re producing. We must first understand the space thoroughly before we can create something worth watching. By speaking to a diverse range of people, we can discover the one person who will connect an audience emotionally to a story.

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How does Storyfinding work?

The process starts with you booking a 30-minute call with a member of our research team. Click on the appropriate project below and choose an interview time that works best for you. At the scheduled time, we’ll call via Zoom for an informal chat. We’ve designed this process to be a fun and easy conversation.


How to prepare for your Storyfinding call?

The call is the easy part. Please, don’t stress. It’s an easy and informal call where we get to know you, what you do, and why you do it. We’ll come prepared with what we’re excited to learn more about and all you need to do is have some fun and join the conversation.


What is the Muse Storytelling Process?


We believe that well-told stories can change the world. When we share the real lived experience of another person in just the right way, we’re able to transport the audience into their shoes, into their world, and in doing so, shift their perspective.

The Muse Process is a step-by-step framework used to develop a story that emotionally moves the audience and drives action

Muse was developed with out decade of Emmy Award-winning filmmaking experience, paired with academic research in the fields of psychology, anthropology, and sociology.

Muse has been taught to senior creatives at Apple as well as diplomats at the United Nations in Geneva.