Experts in Lovers of Filmmakers Who Leverage Educators in
The Art + Science of Storytelling

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We are storytellers who use narrative to positively impact society.

Filmmaking | Story Finding | Corporate Training & Workshops | Muse Film School | Online Courses


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Emmy Award–Winning Film Production

We find the story, develop it, and then bring it to life in an emotionally moving film that compels action.

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Story Training & Workshops

Empower your team with the ability to better communicate and connect through story. Customized story training and workshops designed for your group. 

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Muse Film School

An immersive experience where 30 filmmakers find, develop, and then go in the field to create the best film they've ever crafted. A 14-week program run twice a year. 


Science of Storytelling Course

A meticulously crafted online course that teaches the science behind storytelling and empowers you with an A-to-Z process for developing the creative on all your future films.


Free Four-part Training Series

For the next two weeks, we're offering a free four-part training series on the Science of Storytelling. Nearly an hour of powerful content – entirely free if you join today.

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